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How do I clear Roku Media Player's cached thumbnails?

I'm using MiniDLNA v1.2.1 with Roku Media Player 4.1.1609 on multiple Roku devices.

I've created thumbnail images and they show up fine in RMP. However, if I decide to create a replacement thumbnail it never shows up in RMP; the original image always appears instead.

In fact, RMP seems to have a death grip on information used to identify the video file (a hash of something maybe?) in some way -- I can rename video file, and/or the directory it's in, and/or add a harmless NUL byte to the end of the video file, and replace the thumbnail image using the correct matching file name, and... the original thumbnail is still shown. My DLNA server has no traces of the old image. (Side note: I've also observed surprising carry-over "resume playback" position info while adding variants of the same file, etc... I'm sure that's related but it's less of an issue for me.)

To isolate this to either RMP or MiniDLNA, I tested on a different Roku device that had not yet "seen" this media directory, and it shows the new thumbnail image. This indicates to me that MiniDLNA is not serving up a stale copy of the thumbnail. For what it's worth, I am entirely restarting minidlnad with -R to force it to rescan/rebuild, to further attempt to start with a clean slate.
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Re: How do I clear Roku Media Player's cached thumbnails?

Whenever you start RMP it gets all info the the DLNA server. The only caching it does is while you are still running RMP. RMP does track folder changes on the DLNA server and will flush its cache for that folder if the DLNA server tells it the contents have changed. You may need to go up a folder and descend back into the folder for it to realize the contents have changed.
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