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How do I bring up a program in History Channel

I'm confused by the function of the Community categories, so I hope this will post in an appropriate place.  I use Roku Premier primarily to view Netflix and a couple of other major category programming links that show up in the main Home section.  However, I want to watch a show on the History Channel and can't figure out how to easily return to a show I've been watching when it's on one of those streaming channels not listed on the Home page.  I located the program and started watching episode 1 but then when I went back to the Home page later, I saw no way to go back to accessing the program I left in progress.  It seemed like I had to do a search by the program name, log in as a Spectrum user, and then see my most recent search and click on the program.  That's a lot of steps to go through just in order to access a program I was previously viewing.  Is there not a way to find a "Continue viewing" or other link to find a show I was previously watching?

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Re: How do I bring up a program in History Channel

Well if its supported on the Channel youre viewing it with you can pause it with your remote and restart it later.

As far as saving the rest for later this is also something which must be supported on whatever Channel you are viewing it through.

I watch History via Slingtv and have all those bells and whistles.

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