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Help with 'Channel Surfing' Tips on YouTubeTV Channel

I'm looking for a few tips on using the YouTube TV service with a Roku (3800).

When I 'surf' sometimes I like to switch back to 'previous' channel. I figured out by hitting down twice and OK once real quick - I can go back and forth.

Q: But if I'm watching a channel then select the back arrow I can 'surf' the other 'live' channels. However if I don't see something else I like - how can I easily get back from the live guide to the original channel I was watching (and am still hearing audio for)? The only way I've found is to click all the way up to the top or click all the way back to the original channel (assuming I remember which I am/was on) - sometimes that's a lot of button pushes... Is there an easy way to get back to the original channel when on the live guide?

Q: Is there a way, when on the live schedule - to see program information? I can see the title of each program but that's it. The only way I can see further info is to actually change to the program and then click down and eventually click click click to more info like year, summary, actors... Am looking for a way to see extended description info directly from the guide screen of a given program?

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Re: Help with 'Channel Surfing' Tips on YouTubeTV Channel

Great questions! YouTubeTV support would be the experts to help give you more insights here. 

You can find more tips and info about features/functionality by taking a look through their support site here:

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Re: Help with 'Channel Surfing' Tips on YouTubeTV Channel

One of the least helpful answrs I've ever seen. Why didn't you figure out the answer and post it here. You should be fired! 

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Re: Help with 'Channel Surfing' Tips on YouTubeTV Channel

I know this is an older post, but these two issues are exactly the issues I'm having with YTTV. I have these same issues with my Firestick as well.

I think it's harder to iron these issues out because 1 company makes the hardware (Roku, Firestick, Nvidia, etc.) and other companies (Netflix,ToutubeTV, Fubo, etc) make the software.

Apple seems to be involved in both--but their streaming service doesn't have live TV, which I use everyday. Maybe 1 day Roku will make their sticks as well as offer a YoutubeTV type of service. That would be fantastic. Smiley Very Happy

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