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Handbrake Encoding Settings for USB Channel

This is a guide for the use of Handbrake to encode video for optimum playback in the Roku USB Channel.
(Although other good tools are available, Handbrake excels at ease of use with extremely good output.)
(These recommendations have been extensively tested with both the Roku XDs and the Roku 3 connected to a Samsung HDTV.)

General recommendations

  1. Use a current Handbrake Nightly build, which is generally quite stable and usable, rather than the 0.9.8 release build, which is badly out of date, and update Handbrake monthly. (I'm using svn5379 as of this writing.)

  2. To make your own Roku preset, start with the Handbrake High Profile preset, and make only minimum necessary changes -- Handbrake presets are generally good.

  3. Don't try to second guess the x264 developers -- default x264 settings are quite good -- only make changes if you really know what you are doing.

  4. These recommendations are tuned for:

    • Transcoding material from DVD, Blu-ray, and HDTV sources. For other sources you may want or need to adjust settings.

    • Playback on Full HDTV connected to 2.1 sound system. For other playback you may want or need to adjust settings.

Output Settings

If your output will exceed 4 GB, be sure Large File Size is checked.


For preservation of source material with highest compatibility, set Anamorphic to None and Modulus to 16.


Setting Denoise to Weak can substantially reduce output file size with little or no degradation in visual quality. (Otherwise x264 will produce a largerr file size to faithfully preserve noise!) For noisier sources, it can help to increase this to Medium.


  • Constant Quality is better and faster than Avg Bitrate, and 22 will produce very good quality at a relatively low bitrate. For better quality with a larger file size, you may wish to try 21 or even 20. (Lower number is higher quality and file size -- see Constant Quality Guide.) (If you must set bitrate, see Note 2 below.)

  • Although the default x264 preset of Medium produces good results, Slow will do better without much increase in encoding time. (In gneral, use as slow a setting as you can tolerate.)

  • For x264 Tune, if your sources is DVD, Blu-ray, or HDTV, use Film or Animation depending on the particular material. (This helps reduce visual artifacts and file size.)

  • Set H.264 Level to Auto, which will set the minimum level needed (and works well for Roku).


  • Set DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) to 1.0 to process compression hints in AC3 sources. (For more information see this link.)

  • Default Bitrate of 160 for AAC is as high as you need for excellent (transparent) audio quality, and a lower bitrate won't make enough difference in file size to be worth the quality loss.

  • Since AAC Dolby Prologic II suits my needs, I remove AC3 Passthru in order to decrease file size.


Roku doesn't support chapters as of this writing, but might in the future, so check Create chapter markers.


  1. 720p is a big jump in quality over DVD, but 1080p is a much smaller jump in quality over 720p (for typical HDTV) at a much larger file size, so you may find 720p a good compromise.

  2. Rules of thumb for video bitrates typically needed for very good visual quality with H.264 AVC variable bitrate encoding:

    • 848x480: 1,000 Kbps

    • 1280x720: 2,200 Kbps

    • 1920x1080: 4,000 Kbps

Screen Shots
Hope this helps,
Roku 3 (4200R)
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Level 7

RMP fast forward DOA. endless tries/edits, fail.

greetings to Roku forms (old retired electronic tech)
have new ROKU-3 ,#3230x1. (and one very old one too, but retired)  will the Ultra 4k cure my issues? IDK (is rmp same on all RoKu ? IDK)
love it. ok? but not RMP, RPM is  a mess. sorry'
RMP: (yes  updated, plugged in to lan/www for many months) Perfect www streaming via apps matching streamers like netflix all work perfectly , !!!

but 2 things fail.  fast forward and subtitles. (the latter is easy to fix with, file , next to MP4 or MKV.
I have no wifi, all is wired gigalan end to and.

2 full blown, HP RAID servers, on video with Serviio and a backup server.
I have not talked to Serviio yet, but will..(and is upgraded, fresh version). but what else is RMP good for?  local files and for sure Plex/serviio)

I  have tried now, like 10 video editors all new, even Hand brake. (in HQ720-30 mode)
Serviio , trans-coding is turned on.
The RoKu  FAQ on this is topic FF fails and is old 5 years? and shows handbrake setting long sense evolved.  (the faq needs to be updated, big time,)

Does ROKU have a file  called, Hand brake exported, settings/ to share/ seems to me that would be a godsend to have.?

I have tried every 720p present in HB v.1.12 (64bit) date 09-08-2018 (the FAQ page here , beta version pages are locked out now)

Does any one have a solution to RMP and fast forward.
or an APP that does work and loadable to the ROKU, in my account here.
VLC always works, every time, but not on my TV large LG LCD-LED 55" , sure, (but most of my LG amps are all old and now dead or unreliable, for sure netflix)
the reason I have roku at all is my old apps on all TVs here and blueray, are all bad. (too old)
Roku really makes all my apps run prefectly (neflix,vudu and hulu)  like a dream perfect.
if only we have  a real working RMP , wow, what  blessing, that could be.
No fast forward is a  real pain, please help me, and in any  why, including newer roku or ? newer Apps. or video editors that make roku RMP happy?
Thanks for reading and helping. Btw pause works, ok. and unpause. FF is DOA, here and only on RMP.
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Level 16

Re: Handbrake Encoding Settings for USB Channel

This is an ancient thread, so it will be locked soon. The latest version of Handbrake has specific profiles for Roku. Also, if you're using Serviio make sure you're using a profile other than the default Roku profile. That profile transcodes almost everything, and you can't FF or rewind if the file is transcoded. The Ultra will certainly work even better, but you would still have the same issue if you don't change the profile. Your Roku 3 should be good with the profile called "Roku 1080 Player (2016+)". 
Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network.
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Level 7

Re: Handbrake Encoding Settings for USB Channel

if fixed subtitles, buy forcing today's build, ffmpeg.exe in to Serviio,  \lib\ folder,  (4 months newer) version N91991 (n= night?) now, wow works !
and i will try with transcoding off, I did not know that fact ,. thanks very much.
i am not using anything default, each setting in serviio carefully looked at and set (running over years) but ignoring issues that long. (lazy) but last  2 days reading hundreds of post www. no cure.
stopped server.
transcoding off
stacking now off,
start server.

still no FF.
do I need to clear or purge caches? hummmmm, found it.
ok, my transcoder folder is (D:/temp)  so I stopped the windows service , serviio, now all that is deleted. GONE, (no echos from past and all that)
starter up server and
no FF.  all things now work, even subtitles work .(nice)
but not FF for RMP.
me stumped, any advice, for sure welcome (even spending cash) , and for sure all help,  THANKS !!!

Its not like 1 video,, no, lots.

over 100 mKV files here,

all movies every one fails for  FF (and RWind) but FF is needed most. (a dream?)
pause resumes all ok, only RMP fails. (in this one way only)
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Level 7

Re: Handbrake Encoding Settings for USB Channel

i picked this thread only be cause it was the most juicy,  and ON TOPIC. RMP
I now have nightly build Handbrake too to play with.... later.. but soon.
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Level 16

Re: Handbrake Encoding Settings for USB Channel

I use Serviio myself (disclaimer: I am one of the Serviio forum admins, and I wrote the Roku profiles), and don't have an issue using FF. I just tried it right now on my Sharp Roku TV using RMP, playing an MKV that is a DVD rip. It was not processed with Handbrake, but is a clean rip using MakeMKV. No problem with FF or rewind. 
The Roku forum rules are to create a new thread if the existing thread has gone more than 6 months without a reply, or if it reaches a certain page limit. So Shawn should be locking this one soon. Smiley Happy
Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network.
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