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Had to use nuclear option to rid myself of Hulu-hopefully

I bought a second Roku for the bedroom.   Once I set it up, I could not access Hulu.  I have been getting the 11.99 subscription for the past year without issue.   The Roku login did not work and I got a message to contact Hulu.    Hulu DOES NOT KNOW WHO I AM!    You can't get help unless you log in to an account and apparently when you get Hulu through Roku, it's NOT a Hulu account.   So:

1. Been getting it for a year (11.99/mo) and Roku says I have no subscriptions-so I can't cancel?

2. Hulu won't help unless you log in and YOU CAN'T because you don't actually have an account!

3. Called my bank but they would have to cancel the card I use (I don't want to do that)

My only option was to delete the card from the Roku account.    I wonder if they will remember me when they stop getting paid.   If that doesn't work (if they still try to use it), I will just have to cancel Roku all together.  There are other options.

It should not be this difficult to remedy the situation.  Your customer service system that loops you to  myriad posts by people with the same problem with the occasional generic reply (back into the endless loop) is just infuriating. 

I feel like this is by design, and I will relay this information to anyone who asks me about my Roku experience.




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