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HOOPLA Channel crashing

HOOPLA channel crashing. Version 1.3 Build 5. Channel gets as far as initial screen, then freezes, then crashes back to Roku Home screen. Started for me tonight 27 Aug, 5pm PT. Anyone else?
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Re: HOOPLA Channel crashing

Same thing here, except I can get the video to play briefly. Worked fine yesterday, but not today. Netflix is working, so I suppose that the problem is Hoopla related.

Hoopla is version 7.
Roku 3600X stick; OS 8.1.0 build 4145-24

August 29; 9:00 pm
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Level 7

Re: HOOPLA Channel crashing

Hoopla app on Roku starting crashing on Jan 1 2019, the few things I played previous to then were fine, so don't know if there is some new software update bug or something else. My problem was that it started  halfway through a several episode series & then would crash out of app after only a few minutes streaming. Updated system & restarted Roku but no change. Other apps on Roku played ok & Hoopla streamed fine on my laptop so I just cast it from there to another streamer, not using Roku, so it seems like a Roku/Hoopla specific conflict. 
Roku 3 version 9.0.0       Hoopla version 1.4 build 8
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