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Today I did the update on my TCL Roku TV from the 9.3 version to the 9.4 version.  Before I did this I had moderate issues with RokuTV which sadly I tolerated.  Roku TV added 730 channels to itself.  This is why whenever I try to load a channel there is a prompt that pops on screen that says " Can't Run Channel ".

I have taken the time to patiently remove most all of these **bleep**/junk channels just to have Roku add more.  Now today after I updated to the 9.4 version, I can't get any channels at all.  All I get is the prompt that says " Can't Run Channel ".  I checked to make sure nothing was amiss on my end.  I checked my internet connection, I checked the internet connection strength to make sure that wasn't the issue.  I rebooted the internet, reset Roku TV and nothing changed.  I still have no channels, so what's the deal here?  I'm at my wits end with this and in need of a solution.  I have browsed through the massive lists of channel issues and questions here where I see many go unanswered.  Smiley Sad   I am hoping for an answer.  Can someone tell me how to stop Roku TV from adding all these **bleep**/junk channels?  How can these channels be removed from Roku TV permanently?  I've already removed them before and they are back.  All 768 of them.  No wonder no channels that I want to see will play.  All I get is " Can't Run Channel ", and that not only goes for the channels that I want to see, but the **bleep**/junk channels also.  Here's a question to the community.  If a person has no children, why would they want to have dam near 60 kiddies channels on their Roku TV?   DUH!!  Smiley Sad 

Roku says get rid of that tie to cable and give us a try.  Well I did, and since this 9.4 update and Roku adding 768 **bleep**/junk channels to itself then says " Can't Run Channel ", I see absolutely nothing.                HELP!!


TCL Roku TV 5107X

TCL Model 32S3800

Serial Number 2NOODU828538

Software Version 9.4.0 build 4190-08

Device ID 4GK4AD828538

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