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HBO on Roku Channel

I have been subscribed to HBO on the Roku Channel for several months now and have noticed an issue lately. Normally, it would have a general category for movies. It would have several movies listed and then an option for browse all. If you selected browse all, it would have the different genres listed and each genre would have a browse all option within each genre. Most of the genres would have more than 150 movies listed.

Now when I go to HBO on the Roku Channel, it no longer has the general category for movies. Instead, I have a listing for each genre with a maximum of 40 movies listed for each genre, which mean I cannot see all of the movies available to watch.

I have already tried the various methods for trying to fix this on my own (check for updates, restart device, remove/add channel, etc.)

I spent about an hour on the phone with HBO support to discover that because it is HBO on the Roku Channel, I do not have an HBO account and there was nothing that they could do.

Has any else experienced anything like this? Do you know how to revert back to having the general movies category? This is really starting to irritate me as I am paying for this service and not getting to see everything available.

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