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Alright I waited an extra day so I could write this after extinguishing all things to set it right..v Here it goes.. I got the HBO on trial a week ago and was only after watching the one show, and so by the following Tuesday I got off the channel.. they allow it to stay on through the full seven day trial period.. So the following Saturday it is still on, which is when it started.. The next three days it is still on.. I got it through the Roku channel and they sent the email stating that channel would remain on through the seven days trial period.. However it remained on through at least yesterday (I am yet to check today) and so.. What is the deal here?? I called yesterday to confirm with HBO that it was in fact shut off and they confirmed it was in fact shut off.. So why am I still getting it.. and how long will I have to fight to get it turned off>>  I am figuring it will cost me the last of this year to get it settled.. Just a feeling I have..  Around fifty or so dollars later..  I only wanted to have it for the show (Chernobyl).. and got rid of it shortly thereafter..  So in the case of how to get rid of HBO how do I do it?? I got logged into HBO on HBO NOW and that is where it is showing that it is still working..  
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Thanks for the note here. 

There are multiple ways to subscribe to HBO service on the Roku platform. You can subscribe directly through the 'HBO NOW' channel, OR you can subscribe to a premium subscription of HBO inside 'The Roku Channel'. These are separate services, and would be separate subscriptions. A few questions here: 

- Could you clarify which channel you signed up for a free trial from? 
- Which channel are you currently selecting from the home screen of your device, to access HBO content? 
- Have you logged into your Roku account at and clicked 'Manage your subscriptions' to see if you have any active subscriptions? (You can confirm the Roku account in use on your device by visiting Settings>System>About.) 

Please feel free to send me a private message with your Roku account email address if you still need further help, and we can help take a closer look. 

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