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Re: HBO Max app - login option not available for existing subscriptions?

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The following is the correct solution. No amount of restarting the Roku, removing HBOMax app and reinstalling it or removing the app and then removing the power and then reinstalling it worked.

Signing out and then attempting to play HBOMax content finally threw up the Subscribe AND Sign In buttons.  You obviously select the Sign In button.

For those subscribed to HBOMax through Hulu, there are additional steps to login. You must pick the "Login through TV or Mobile Provider option".

You will be presented with a code on the Roku screen.

Go to the supplied link and you will then enter the supplied code and then select a TV Service Provider. 

It will be an alphabetical list and you will scroll down until you find Hulu and select that.  You will use your Hulu login which will then authorize HBOMax on your Roku device.



@donrb wrote:

This comes down to poor UX/UI design. A shame this passed QA.

The resolution:
* For those being automatically authed to an expired subscription like me, you must first select the circle profile icon in the top menu (icon on farthest right)
* Scroll all the way to the right option for "Sign out". Not at all obvious design

* Watch content, like The Flight Attendant

* You will be prompted to subscribe or sign in

* Select sign in and your preferred auth method (I chose

Finally worked.

Does not require app removal, reboots, etc. Just poor app design and poor user experience. Easily solved for by ALWAYS providing the user choice to sign out / change profiles.

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