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Green light on remote not working after trying many tips/tricks

My green light will not turn on. I have replaced batteries, disconnected Roku, nothing is blocking the access point, etc. Not sure what else to do. I saw something where this might be a power supply problem? 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Green light on remote not working after trying many tips/tricks

Hi @Rhuettner,

Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Does your remote have a pairing button when you remove its battery cover?

Let's try to reset the remote. Reset the remote by pressing the home button, arrow down button, and pairing button altogether for 6 seconds then release. After doing the reset, remove the batteries from the remote. While the batteries are out, press and hold the OK button for 5 seconds to drain the remaining power from the remote. Then reboot your Roku unit. Reinsert the batteries back and press and hold the black/pairing button for 5 seconds. Check if you got the light on the remote and observe if the remote will pair back. Check if the issue's resolved.

For more info on this link: How do I resolve problems with my Roku enhanced "point-anywhere" remote?

Please keep us posted!

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