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Free???? NOT free

I totally hate when they say FREE and its so NOT first of all if you have to SUBSCRIBE hence NOT free Also these so called FREE trials Yeah you have to put in your credit card information to get it and three times this week AFTER I did that the channel did not work Its bogus and inconvenient to say the least and heaven forbid you forget after the "free trial"  OOPPPSS too late MONEY gone you are stuck with a channel you really didnt want.  Please stop advertising FREE if its NOT FREE there is an option for this on the search to find free programming While I understand getting alot of content free is probably not conducive to keeping programming available but I am sure there are plenty of people spending money renting movies etc to keep it going I absolutley LOVE Roku and was able to kick my commie cable out of my life but the reason I stayed with Roku and not cable was because there is alot of free stuff Growing up at a time when all we needed to have was an antenna to get TV programs it has always grated on me to have to pay for TV in the first place Back in the day when cable first started you had choices that as time went on became obsolete and you had to pay just to have ANY TV at all ok so now Roku has made it simpler and has restored the consumers ability to have choices but stop trying to rope in new customers but advertising FREE when its not I get excited when I see a "free" program then it says "requires subscription' HENCE NOT FREE....thanks for letting me rant!  Just wanted to get that off my chest No replies necessary its not really a question here so I apologize if I broke any rules I would like to add also Roku started out kind of lame and its awesome now but we have to pay for it by watching ADS on the free content so there ya go back to watching commercials again .....have we come totally full circle here?  LOL

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Free???? NOT free


Thanks for the post.

We highly recommend reviewing the terms for any trial subscription, prior to signing up. 


Danny R.
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