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Fox News Channel causes ROKU box to restart frequently

1.   Fox News Channel issues on ROKU when trying to view in either 'Home' or 'Shows' menu options.    The commercials preceding the video snippets has problem playing the commercials and frequently reloading (restarting) the commercial at the beginning of the commercial.  This problem loops which means that the full commercial is never played or until I get tired and leave Fox News Channel.

2.  Going to the 'Live' options selecting Fox News Live sometimes I get an 'Unexpected Error Message'

3.  4 or 5 times a day Fox News Channel will cause the ROKU box to 'Restart'.

4.  Lots of 'Reloading' messages even when I watching at 2:00 am

5.  I don't have these problems with other channels, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Level 12

Re: Fox News Channel causes ROKU box to restart frequently

Well its a Channel issue. Did you check if Fox News is updated?

Otherwise you should be contacting them directly.

See Tanners Sticky above.

This happens occasionally its the bane of the internet but not a Major problem really.

Its just a pain in the Gluteus Maximus or just in case that gets bleeped the area in the rear between the waste and upper thigh.

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Level 7

Re: Fox News Channel causes ROKU box to restart frequently

I have the identical issue. It only appears to affect the commercial preceding the story and once the story starts up it seems ok but the commercial can reload several times before making it through. The visual quality of the commercial is reduced on the successive loads as well which leads me to think it's a throughput issue that only affects the commercial. Maybe the commercial is housed on a different (and more heavily trafficked) server than the story.

Level 7

Re: Fox News Channel causes ROKU box to restart frequently

Same problem

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