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Fox Business and Fox News - Unable to locate "Roku" as provider

After adding "Fox News" and "Fox Business" on Roku, it gives me a code and the URL to go to ( and on my computer/phone. However, when I go to or, I don't see Roku listed as a provider on their websites. In addition, presently I have access to those channels on Roku via Sling TV, but even Sling TV is not listed as a provider on Fox's websites. I noticed that others here might have expressed similar issues too. 

Has anybody found a solution to this issue? Is this a Roku issue or a Fox issue? Any pointers? 



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Re: Fox Business and Fox News - Unable to locate "Roku" as provider

Roku isn't a provider of anything (except for maybe The Roku Channel).  They just make a little computer box that connects to your TV (or provide the software for a Roku TV).  I assume Sling doesn't provide Fox News or Fox Business since they aren't listed as a provider.

I know it seems strange, but there's lots of Roku channels/apps that require you to have a cable subscription that includes their programming to receive it via a Roku.  I see that YoutubeTV is listed as a provider, so you might want to look into that.

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Re: Fox Business and Fox News - Unable to locate "Roku" as provider

Sling TV carries both FoxNews and Fox Business News.

Furthermore, Sling TV specifically mentions TVE support for FN/FBN, but only with the FoxNow app:

The provider list for the FoxNews app does not include Sling TV.

So you need to install FoxNow, authenticate it via TVE, and use that.

You can always send feedback to Sling TV and FoxNews about specific Sling TV TVE support in the FoxNews app:

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Re: Fox Business and Fox News - Unable to locate "Roku" as provider

Even in the FoxNow app, when it asks "signin to provider", the only option is "Dish". So, it looks like they have just not integrated with Roku and/or Sling TV anywhere at all, even though they provide programming via Roku and Sling TV. That's a bit painful, because it forces me to watch Fox Business by getting into Sling TV on Roku (a few extra steps when I bring this up on my TV or my phone or other devices vs a single click with say, CNBC).

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