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Fortnight rates all ages but has offensive language

Sitting here watching Fortnite Channel with my 4 year old and 2 minutes in the people narrating the game are using the F word left and right! This channel is rated All Ages for Kids and Family. I’ve already reported as offensive. Anyone else encounter this issue? How can I report this? 

It is #1 Victory Royale - Fireworks Fortnite 2019


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Level 7

Re: Fortnight rates all ages but has offensive language

Same issue with "Minecraft Anms by Rus Playing" Roku description is "...dynamic, engaging and fun for the whole family!"

Inside of 4 minutes one episode hit all of the following: Highly Explicit Language, Violence, Drug References and Disturbing Images not appropriate for kids.

Does ROKU even care about these channel descriptions?

I can not find any way to properly report these channels to ROKU, which has me seriously considering switching from ROKU to another service...

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