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Forced to pay for unlimited internet to support streaming I do not need

I haven't had cable for years-just used an antenna to get a few channels. Bought the little ROKU plug in device so kids could watch cartoons and my set internet data plan covered that usage. I recently bought a $200 ROKU tv that is 50 inches so I can see the closed captions better as my eyesight is not what it was.  A few days ago, I noticed I had up to channel 1135 on my antenna tv. Turns out ROKU has given us a FREEBIE-they claim but now I have had to upgrade to unlimited internet to support it. Are you kidding me? Now I have to pay $102 for internet instead of $69. What a scam! The whole idea of cutting the cable cord was to save money. I don't want or need streaming channels. I am 58 years old and have NO interest in watching MTV or reality shows. Will probably sell the ROKU stuff I have and go back to the basics. NO reason to pay over $1,200 a year for junk I didn't order. Shame shame you can't talk to a real ROKU representative.

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Re: Forced to pay for unlimited internet to support streaming I do not need

I'm confused – what is the actual scam here? What is the "FREEBIE"? BTW, some internet plans have data caps at various levels – some don't – as such it's kind of up to you to know what you want to use on them. If you are primarily watching over the air TV, you should be able to watch a fair amount of streaming without hitting the cap (well, depending on what your cap is, of course – my cap is 1.2TB and we never even get close to it even after having Rokus for years.)  Maybe I'm missing something because I just have Roku devices and not Roku TVs.

The term "cutting the cord" made sense back in the 80s and 90s when people actually got rid of the cable and just watched over the air TV.  Using it these days with streaming doesn't really make sense but people still say it like dialing a phone or taping on their DVR or filming a video.

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Re: Forced to pay for unlimited internet to support streaming I do not need

Just as a data point, we only stream in HD (1080) and last month we watched a LOT of streaming and hit a little under 160GB on our 1200GB data plan.  A typical month with just "moderate" amounts of streaming usually brings us to around 80GB in winter months and 40GB in summer months.  (But no kids regularly in the house and I know kids can be tough on the internet!)

I mentioned that 1080 above, because even though 50" probably now qualifies as a "small" TV, there is a good chance that it is 4K anyway. (And since your eyesight isn't so great anyway, 4K is probably a total waste for you.) So, make sure whatever you are streaming isn't just defaulting to the resolution of the TV because 4K streaming can consume data more than twice as fast as mere HD.