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FoX news Go & Commercials

Hi All,


I have a question on the Fox News App. For the last five days or so, it has stopped playing some commercials. It will go to commercials, play a couple of the same commercials. Then go to a screen with the Fox Logo and say "Commercial in progress" The show will then be back on when the program starts. But during the time it is not showing the commercials, it is silent and just shows the logo.


I mean, I am not worried about not seeing commercials, it is just weird that it started to not show some commercials all of a sudden. Is this a Roku APP issue, or a Fox News Programming issue? Or even a Dish Network issue.

I have seen this before while watching the Fox News channel from the Dish Anywhere website and when we set up the Fox News app on the Roku, Fox News asks what cable provider we have, so maybe it is tied to that?

Also, can we watch the Fox News application on the Roku without having a Provider? I am thinking of canceling my Dish service now that I have the Roku, but I don't want to lose Fox News.


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