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Finding Vimeo family videos

Not sure this is a Vimeo subject or specific to Roku. 
I'm a recent adapter of vimeo for storage of my family videos. I installed the vimeo app on my roku 2 and registered my vimeo account to the roku.
I am able to see my videos on the list provided and they play beautifully. My problem is what to tell my friends and family about how to access my videos. I know the vimeo URL of each video, but there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the vimeo app in roku what that URL is.
I've also registered some of the videos in specific albums and and also specific channels to see if I could search for them in the vimeo app of roku, but the search results come up empty.

Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Finding Vimeo family videos

For someone to easily find your videos, that is, to see them in their Feed, they'll need to have a Vimeo account (a free one will work) and they'll need to follow you and they'll need to log in to that on their Roku (or whatever device they're using). They can set up the account from the Vimeo Website, and they can follow it from the streaming device or from the Website.

Your videos will then show up in their Feed.

For specific videos, they'll need to mark them as favorites for them to show up in Likes, or mark to watch later to see them in Watch Later.

This is kinda how video apps and services work.
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