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Favorites and suggestions of the the free apps/content

Just a general question to all here. Recently been enjoying the Hogan's Heroes channel, also the Addans Family one as well. On Pluto been enjoying Buzzr watching the retro game shows and some the movies the show(like right now been showing some the Star Trek movies).

Hope to here what you all like or may suggest that can be easily overlooked.


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Level 9

Re: Favorites and suggestions of the the free apps/content


America Says - my new game show.  I liked Family Feud in principle, but in practice I don't like it because the questions are just too stupid.  One time, the host of Family Feud asked seriously "If you stand naked in front of the mirror, what is the biggest body part that you see?"  What are the contestants supposed to say to that stupid question?  They're like uh foot?  No?  Ears?  No?  Head?  No?  Nose... Whereas, America Says basically has the same game format but the questions are not stupid.  And fans of letter gameshows such as Wheel of Fortune will appreciate that they give the first letter of each word, making it also kind of a word game.  A cross between Family Feud and a word game show.  All this in a fast-moving, tight package.  The prize money is small, but I don't care.  This clean, tight, game show is lots of fast paced fun and action and so far has no negatives.  Since America Says is free and I would have to pay money to watch Wheel of Fortune (and Family Feud is just too stupid), I'm watching America Says for free on and loving it.  

PS since it's on demand, sometimes I like to pause it and try to guess the answers before the contestants try to do it.  That's a fun way to watch it with other people in the room.  Everyone can try together.  


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