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Fandango Now not playing new movies

I have been a long-time Roku user and started using Fandango Now and Ultraviolet when they became available on Roku.  Never had a single problem after purchasing over 70 movies on 3 separate Roku devices.
All of a sudden, after trying to buy and watch The First Man and Bohemian Rhapsody, the movies simply would not play.  All I could get was very colorful digital noise, and no audio at all.  I tried every reset possible on all three Roku devices, different TV's, different HDMI ports, different everything.  Nothing seems to work.  All of my older 70 movies work just fine.
I've been on the phone endlessly with Fandango Now tech support (the worst) and they say it's a Roku issue.  Any ideas?
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Re: Fandango Now not playing new movies

Can't say why those two titles won't play on fandango now, but both are MA (Movies Anywhere) titles, add the MA app to your rokus, link your fandango account to MA, and watch the titles from MA app. Or Vudu, Amazon and Google Play apps once they are linked to MA account as well.

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Community Manager

Re: Fandango Now not playing new movies

@yeneb Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please provide more information regarding the specific device you are experiencing this issue on? Do these titles play correctly on the web or elsewhere from your Fandango account? 




Tanner D.
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unable to access Fandango Now station or purchased movies

I have read comments/replies of others who have experienced this issue.  Here is my specific issue and experiences.

All of a sudden, I was unable to access my movie library or watchlist on FandangoNow through my Roku.  Contacted FandangoNow and was told to log of, log back in.  However, my password wouldn't work on the Roku FandangoNow channel but would work on my computer for the FandangoNow site.

After reading the previous replies to similar issues, I confirmed my login to FandangoNow (via Roku) was still logged out, restarted my Roku and then attempted to log into the FandangoNow Channel - No Success!  I even created another password but still without success.  In fact it now gives the message that I should use the password e-mailed to me from FandangoNow - What!!

Very frustrated with this whole procedure

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