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"wintergarden" wrote:
The Netflix UI is entirely unusable if you choose to turn on the match refresh rate setting (which many of us have pined for for years). However, the automatic Netflix trailers trigger the refresh rate switch and a switch back to 60hz when you move to another item in the user interface when you're choosing something to watch. It's an imbecilic implementation of refresh rate matching. Please use some leverage seeing as how Roku shares offices with Netflix to allow a version of the Netflix app without those horrid trailers or at least the option to turn them off.

And, regarding refresh rates:

1 - Bias 25p content to output at 50hz  - This one change can make this one little box play virtually all the content in the world judder-free. Most 1080p TVs DO NOT support 25p at 25hz and the current implementation has them playing at 60hz when the TV reports it can't support 25p at 25hz. On that note, as well, please have someone on your team actually watch something like BBC content on a 60/120hz screen. It's as if the Netflix engineers choose the worst possible judder/cadence for 25p content on 60/120hz TVs. Watch 5 minutes of a Black Mirror episode on a 60/120hz TV without refresh rate matching to understand this.

2 - Play 30p content at 60hz. In this case, most TVs do support 30hz, but it's a needless refresh rate switch when play back at the native 60p of the Roku box would cause no judder. All you when you switch to 30hz is potentially induce headaches from the novel refresh rate pattern and also cause a needless black/purple flash to switch to the refresh rate

3 - These refresh rate problems could easily be solved by giving us a refresh rate screen test at various rates. It's already an "advanced" user option. A screen test to see whether our TVs can display 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p content would let the system know which refresh rates to default to given a particular piece of content.

Update on the issues I outlined several months ago. The Netflix UI has been modified and the automatic refresh rate switch is triggered much less now. Now, it's (usually) triggered when you first enter the app and (as built now) the app begins with an ad for some new content that Netflix is currently pushing. It's triggered out out 24p (again, usually) once you browse the rest of the home screen. Further browsing in the home screen no longer automatically triggers refresh rate switches when ads/highlight reels of the piece of content you're considering are triggered. However, choosing a particular piece of content from the home screen to read more details about it DOES trigger the refresh rate switch as the content begins automatically playing while it waits for you to read the details and choose the "Play" button. That could certainly be addressed in the future, as it's still a less than perfect UI. Seeking further details shouldn't necessarily immediately begin playing the content until the "Play" button is explicitly pressed.

- Regarding point 1 from my earlier post: Nothing has changed regarding 25p/PAL content outputting to 60hz and/or the badly juddering cadence currently utilized at 60hz. Please work on that

- Regarding point 2: Roku has stepped up and quietly seems to have implemented exactly what I suggested. It no longer plays 30hz content at 30hz; it biases it to 60hz, avoiding needless refresh rate switches and stutter issues. This holds true across all apps on my Roku 4. As my TV is an older plasma TV, its max refresh rate is 60/72hz. I'm curious how this change has been implement on newer TVs that output at 120hz. Input from other users would be appreciated

- Point 3: hasn't been done, but I would certainly appreciate this advanced menu feature.
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