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Level 8

Extreme lagging with the Disney+ app

Since launch day of the Disney+ app (11-12), the app has been extremely lagging. As soon as the tile screen appears the artwork is not displayed for the individual tiles. Then all of it just loads a few seconds later really fast in a row one by one.

Then if I try to go up and down at a normal speed it doesn't register my command and it takes a few seconds to catch up with me. Once it catches up with me it's still lagging when I just try to go up and down at normal speed. Also at some point if I go down some of the tile boxes is gray and takes a few seconds to load the artwork for one whole whole genre tile.

Also I have a gig internet plan from my ISP and my Roku device is getting 60 mbps on my 5ghz network (from the Roku network settings telling me). Then the Hulu, Netflix & Amazon Prime interfaces are all working smooth with no lagging issues or any other issues of any kind either. So it's definitely not my internet connection or the Roku stick itself.

Then so far there's been no other app updates since the 12th for the Roku device while other devices already have 2 updates (on the 15tha and the 19th). Which this is getting to the point that I do not want to use the app on my Roku device at the moment because it's so bad.
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Level 7

Re: Extreme lagging with the Disney+ app

Any update on this? I am experiencing the same problem with the Disney+ app. All other apps work fine.

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