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Express+ Error Message Re. Not Enough Space to Add Channel(s)

I have a Roku Ultra which is working fine, but I also have an Express + that is currently giving me fits with trying to add channels.

I appreciate whatever assistance anyone can provide because this is giving me fits, and I very much want to resolve this issue. I am trying to add three or four different channels, and I have deleted probably 20 or more at this point with no change in the error message I keep receiving.

The model number of this Roku unit is 3910 RW - Roku Express+.

Currently, at the top right hand corner above my icons it says I have 206 channels. As an aside, I have had over 230 or 240 + in the past.  Again, I did delete probably 20 or more alone today to see if I can add two to four channels I am wanting to add.

I have tried restarting my system, and of course it is currently updated. The error message I am receiving says "Channel install failed -  Could not add (channel name). There is not enough space to add the selected channel(s). Please remove one or more of your installed channels and try again. To remove a channel press Home, focus the channel, press *, and then select 'Remove Channel'.

I have not troubleshot with a memory card because I am under the impression that Express+ units do not have that option like my Ultra does.

I will note that several months ago when I moved this unit to the bedroom and set up my new Ultra in the living room I think I did perform a factory reset on this Roku and then reinstalled everything. The only reason I'm uncertain about whether or not I did that is because prior to moving this unit back to the bedroom I had one of the very first roku's ever connected and it was just not working very well. I may have tried to factory reset that one, but I think I also reset this one accidentally while I was trying to set it up.

I have read there was an update in January 2019 that seems to be possibly addressing this type of issue, but, of course, my Roku looks for updates every night so I am under the impression that update would already have been added.

Again, thank you for any assistance you can provide with giving me some directions or ways to fix this. I am perplexed just because this Express+ has had many more channels on it at various times than the couple or four channels I am now trying to add.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Express+ Error Message Re. Not Enough Space to Add Channel(s)


Thanks for letting us know about the issue that you are experiencing.

If you are having issues accessing or adding channels, we would recommend that you remove any unused channels on your device. You will then want to try performing a factory reset on the device. This will clear all data and channels/logins, and allow you to set the unit up again fresh. You can see the steps for how to do this here:

Please let us know if you run into the issue again after giving this a try. 


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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Re: Express+ Error Message Re. Not Enough Space to Add Channel(s)

To let you know, I have resolved this issue, but removing channels and performing factory reset did not help. In fact, I tried factory resetting x3 with no help. And I saw there were actually 247 channels automatically loaded after each my resets, based on my account.

I had thought about setting up a separate new account, different from my Ultra, in hopes I could somehow circumvent channels loading based in my account settings, but before I attempted that as a fix I did one more thing which ended up fixing the problem.

In the event this is useful to any other Roku owners, here is what finally fixed this issue:

Whenever I tried to add any channel subsequent to having added a specific Theme, I noticed the pop-up window showing the process of loading or "adding", and before each channel I tried to add it was also repeatedly cycling "adding X (the name of a Theme)" before "adding - the new channel ", and then kicking back the error.

When I went online to see about manually removing the Theme I saw that was constantly trying to add in front of any other channel I tried to add, there was no way to delete it online. Alternately, I want to my other Roku Ultra unit and removed the Theme via that unit, hoping it removed it across my account.

After I completed this process I went back to my Express+ unit and tried one last time to add a new channel. Voila!!!! YES! Every channel I had already attempted to add and for which I had received the error message about not enough space and directions to delete channels NOW loaded from qeue. Smiley Happy

As I said previously, was suspicious that the error was not that I had too many channels and not enough space because my Express+ handled 250 + channels at one point, and even with me deleting over 50 channels I was still receiving the same error message.
That just didn't make any sense to me. And, obviously, that was not the real glitch. Somehow there was some glitch with this team loading on my Express Plus, and it was holding everything else up and keeping things backed up while throwing up an error message.

Just from a user design perspective or user interface area, it might be helpful to be able to delete channels from your unit by your online account.