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Epix on The Roku Channel - Full Access?

This might be a stupid question, but I took the Black Friday deal on the Epix subscription through the Roku Channel.  Up until last night, it's been fine.  However, today, it appears that there's a greatly reduced selection of shows, with several prominent Epix originals (Pennyworth, for example) missing.  The same is true for me through the web interface.

Is this some sort of limited-access version of Epix that doesn't include their full slate of shows?  Is there just some miscommunication between Roku's servers and Epix's?  Is something going wrong connecting to my TV and web browser?

Obviously, ninety-nine cents isn't a massive expenditure, but if this is a change in what I get with the subscription, I'm almost certainly going to cancel immediately and would like to plan accordingly.  Thanks!

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Re: Epix on The Roku Channel - Full Access?

Are you required to go through the Roku channel to access Epix, or can you use the standalone Epix channel? I get Epix as part of my cable subscription, and all episodes appear to be there using the Epix channel on Roku.

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Re: Epix on The Roku Channel - Full Access?

This is a bit old, but the answer to that question is, no. Epix on Roku does not limit access to any of the programming such as Pennyworth or Condor, at least it didn't when I had a trial. However, you are paying the same price for Epix on Roku as you would if you signed up for Epix Now. The difference is, you only get Epix & Epix 2 live streaming on Roku. With an Epix Now subscription, you get access to Epix, Epix 2, Epix Hits and Epix Drive-In. You are better off with Epix Now.

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