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Episode in a series will not play

I have been watching a TV series on Shout TV Factory.  One of the episodes comes up, can be selected, but when I try to play it, it quickly opens to the screen to start playing and then goes back to the screen with the show description. Other episodes play normally. What causes this and how can it be fixed. I have another Roku on another TV and this episode loads and plays fine there.

This has also happened with another Roku channel where an entire series does the same thing - but other series selections play fine.

I have tried reloading the channel - no difference.

Please help!
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Re: Episode in a series will not play

Be helpful to know what model Roku you have that is having the problem and specific series and episode this is happening on. That way people can attempt to try it on their devices if they have the same one. Could be a bad encode that certain models don't play and Shout Factory needs to fix.
Router - ASUS RT-AC68U
ISP - TWC - 50 Mbps/5 Mbps
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Re: Episode in a series will not play

I have Roku Express Plus on two TVs and a Roku Express on a third. The two TVs that have Express Plus are both analog television sets with the Roku attached by the included RCA cables. When I had posted here earlier I had tried to get it to play on the Express Plus that had not worked - on an analog TV and on the Express that is on a Digital flat screen TV. It played on the Digital TV with the Express box. Tonight I tried to get the episode to start on the other analog TV with an Express Plus box - it did the same thing there - would not start after pressing Play.  I tried setting screen display to widescreen but that made no difference.

It is distressing to think that this might happen with other channel apps and within other channel apps.

The Pro Classic TV channel does the same thing when trying to watch any episode of I Spy but other shows play. But this does not play on any of the Roku boxes I have.
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