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Do I need a cable provider?

I am thinking about getting rid of my spectrum cable provider and strictly use roku and the apps I have I was told that I needed a cable provider to make many apps works is this true or can I function providerless?

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Re: Do I need a cable provider?

Some apps are indeed cable TV apps that let you watch your cable on other devices.  eg: ABC app, NBC app...

Some apps have no connection to cable TV at all: eg: netflix, Amazon prime, Youtube...

Some apps are essentially replacements for cable - ie: the stuff you'd see on cable only delivered over the internet. eg: SlingTV, Youtube TV, Hulu Live TV...

Some cable TV channels have an app like the one I mentioned at the start, but also another app that lets you pay them without having a cable subscription. (These may or may not have exactly the same content.) eg: HBO max, paramount+ etc.

Roku can be a replacement or an addition.  There can be a lot on it or a little.  The content you play on it can cost nothing at all, or pretty much be like what you pay cable.

Since the most basic Roku only costs ~$30, I would suggest getting one and playing around with it before you cancel anything.

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Re: Do I need a cable provider?

I have a roku have had one for years I also have a roku stick just trying to figure out if I should dump spectrum and go full roku between my Netflix Plex discovery plus Amazon prime disney plus and a handful of others I feel like my cable is in the way and I don’t need it but people like my dad said I still need it to function roku but if that’s not true then I want to dump spectrum!

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Re: Do I need a cable provider?

There's a Website that I have found useful for finding the best price live streaming service that has the "must have" channels some family members say they must have.

Enter your location in the top left, then pick (search for, or scroll) the channels that you "must have," then select the device (Roku is my device of choice). You'll get a listing of the services/apps that carry that content live (essentially a streaming "cable" service).

Depending on what the channel is, there may be similar programming alternatives to what is sought. For example, my mother wanted Game Show network. She went with since it was cheap and carried it. Then she discovered Buzzr on the free Pluto TV app (it's on other services too). She was able to not only drop cable, but even was able to avoid a live streaming cable-alternative altogether to get the type of content she wanted.

You may find exactly what you want for free, or at least for a better price.

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