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Ditching cable TV and getting a Roku for YouTubeTV.

"Jerryjones" wrote:
So I'm finally going to ditch my current TV service and move to YouTubeTV (also have Amazon prime and a Netflix subscription). How's everyone's experience with YouTubeTV on Roku? I used the trial when it was first available in my area and liked it a lot but mostly watching on my laptop and PC as none of my smart TV's have the app and can't get it on my Firesticks.

Also for this setup which Roku would you guys recommend? I currently don't have a 4k TV but we are planning on selling our current house and moving to a larger home and I'll then get a new TV and it will be 4k. Until then though just 1080p, though I assume my next TV will either be a Roku OS or one that supports YouTubeTV.

A lot of apps support authentication via YouTube TV, so in addition to the YouTube TV app, you have the ability to watch via the channel's app in many instances.

As for which Roku to get, I'd suggest either the Stick+ or the Ultra, as they will do everything you want, and when you do get a 4K/UHD TV, you'll already have that capability. I hesitate to recommend the Premiere+ at this time. Although I have one, I do have the occasional issue with it, enough so that it's the least favorite of the current 4K capable Roku devices.
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Re: Ditching cable TV and getting a Roku for YouTubeTV.

I also did the same thing this past week.
For the past month I tried the free week trials of several internet TV streaming services, Directv now, Hulu Live, and finally Youtube TV.
I liked Youtube TV the best of these - best video quality, DVR and other features.
A few days ago I cancelled my Spectrum cable TV+internet bundle (over $153/mo) and switched to Spectrum internet only for $66/mo (200Mbps)

I tested Youtube TV on several Roku devices, I had an older 2016 Roku stick and also tried a newer 2018 Roku Stick and the Stick+ too.
I only have 1080p HDTVs but I found the Roku Streaming Stick+ (4K capable) worked a little better for Youtube TV than the other sticks since it has
a wifi amplifier so I got higher bitrate with the Stick+.  I have a good Asus wifi router that supports the 5Ghz band and higher speed ac protocol which the newer Roku devices support for higher wifi bitrates - I recommend using a wifi router that does that for good HD video as well as 4K capability.

Also the Youtube TV roku app has a "Stats for Nerds" display you can bring up and only the Stick+ showed it was using a full 1920x1080 viewport,
the other sticks showed a 1280x720 viewport, so the Stick+ may be higher resolution for Youtube TV and the live and ondemand video quality
was great with it. Also the older 2016 Roku stick would stop playing the current live channel if you brought up the menus/guide while the newer
Roku sticks could keep playing the live channel in the background.

I believe the Roku Ultra would also be as good as the Roku Streaming Stick Plus for this since it is 4K capable.
I have two HDTVs so I have the Roku Streaming Stick+ on one and have ordered a Roku Ultra for the other one now.

As far as Youtube TV it had all my local HD channels and most of the cable TV channels I regularly watch. They only lack the A&E (including History) and Discovery group of channels. Other services like Directv now has those but have less features or somethings like the DVR don't work as well.  I might add the cheap Philo service in addition to Youtube TV to pick up those other channels later on.  If Youtube TV could add some of those other channels they would then soar above the others, even if for a small additional monthly charge as an option.
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