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Disney+ on 4800X - A buggy app

Before anyone mentions this is Disney's responsibility I have already reported this to Disney. I was hoping to see if others face these problems and if there are any known fixes as well as warn any potential buyers expecting full Disney+ support.

I'm using a Roku Ultra with an Atmos amp and a 1080P TV. I don't have any of these problems when using the Netflix or AppleTV+ apps.

1) When I pause a playing video in Disney+ the video goes black (although the OSD remains) and I cannot resume playback without quitting to the home menu and restarting the Disney+ app.

2) Atmos will not work with the Disney+ app. MY Roku is set to Auto bitstream and detects Atmos support. Atmos works fine on the Netflix and Apple TV+ apps.

3) Auto frame rate doesn't work with the Disney+ app.

4) The Disney+ app uses a very heavy 15-20Mbit of bandwidth when streaming to my HD display. I assume it is downscaling a 4K stream which makes failing to enable Atmos even less excusable.

Are Disney still working on their Roku app. Is the Disney+ app poor quality on other devices?

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Re: Disney+ on 4800X - A buggy app

1)  OSD from where? the 4800? AVR? TV?

2)  There is no "Auto bitstream" setting - there is "Auto detect" (converts everything to the highest detected Dolby level of the connected device) and "Auto passthrough" (leaves all audio in its native encoding for decoding by another device).  Make sure you are selecting "Auto passthrough".

3)  Auto adjust display refresh rate is disabled for NetFlix and Hulu and Disney+.

4)  Most people would consider higher bitrates better at a given resolution, since it implies better quality, and 15-20Mbps isnt generally considered "very heavy" either, but either/both is subjective.

Many service providers link Atmos output to 4K to some degree or another, in the case of D+, its linked to 4K HDR support - without it, no Atmos - this is purely a D+ decision, not a technical limitation.

D+ is still developing their Roku app, though updates are less frequent than for other platforms (like Android/Android TV).  However, since D+ recently updated on other platforms, its likely a Roku app update will be coming in the next week or two.

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Re: Disney+ on 4800X - A buggy app

I'm glad to report updates have fixed all my issues:

1) This was fixed by an app update in Feb

2) This appears to work with my 1080P display now. Looks like the May 2021 Disney app update fixed this and it leaves only the Amazon app not supporting 1080P with Atmos (Although there is so little Atmos content on Amazon I dont really care).

3) Still the same but support for auto frame rate seems rare among the apps.

4) Still the same but it looks good.

An added bonus is I always though the sound issues when scanning through Disney+ streams was my receiver but Roku OS 10 fixed this for me.

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