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Disney+ now is in Ecuador but not in Roku

Since today (november 17th) Disney+ is in Ecuador. I could download the app from App Store, but I can not find the channel in my Roku premiere. I have check the blog before I post this, and I found that someone said "It is because you Roku has been installed in a place where Disney+ is not available". The only place where I found a Country is in the timezone (Colombia is the closest country).

How can I add Disney+ to my Roku premiere?


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Re: Disney+ now is in Ecuador but not in Roku

I have the same question, but for Trinidad and Tobago. Just as with Ecuador, Disney+ is now available here, but not yet available on Roku.

Any idea when Roku will add Disney+ to more countries?

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Waiting Disney+ in my Rokus ....

  • I hope will be soon in the channel store, just waiting in Bolivia too.....
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Level 7

Re: Waiting Disney+ in my Rokus ....

Same problema here, I live in Ecuador and have a TV that is not receibing software upgrades, I buy a roku specificaly to see netflix, prime video and disney+. But only netflix work here. It is a total disapointment. 

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Level 7

Re: Disney+ now is in Ecuador but not in Roku

I've been asking the same question all over the internet but roku says it is Disney's fault and Disney just send to an automatic chat which give no answers. I bought Roku for Disney and Amazon prime, but none of those are available, a waste of money.

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