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Disney+ Channel missing - Ireland

Hello. I have a Streaming Stick+ 3810X, which I see is meant to be a Disney+ compatible device. I live in Ireland, and Disney+ was released here today. I already have a Disney+ account. However, I am not able to install it onto my stick. It does not show up as an option to add when I search on the device, and the option to add the channel on my account on the website is greyed out. Any ideas? 


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Re: Disney+ Channel missing - Ireland

@PaddyHennelly  Thanks for the note. A couple thoughts here that may help: 

- Try clearing your browser's cookies/cache/history and then visit the site again. You might also try using a different internet browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. 

- Are you accessing the channel store using an internet connection that reflects being located in Ireland? You can check your IP address location by visiting to verify. If so, the web address for the Irish web channel store should be:

- Are you signing into your Roku account when visiting the web channel store? Make sure to sign into, then visit the channel store link above. 

- Try restating your device from Settings>System>System restart. Then, go to 'Streaming channels' on your device and look for the Disney+ channel in one of the categories of channels. It should also appear there. 

If you need more help from there, please let us know. 




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Re: Disney+ Channel missing - Ireland

Thanks for your reply Tanner. I reset the streaming stick and it appeared as an option after that.


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