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Level 7

Discovery plus?

So, I subscribed to Discovery Plus which I absolutely love. However, not a big fan of watching on a tablet or phone. 

It does not work work with PS4 or PS5. 

It states it can stream off of Roku. 

I just wanted to verify that before I purchase a few. 

Have to have. Roku per tv, correct? So, I'll need like 4/5.  

Just didnt want to invest money if it isnt compatible. 


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Level 21

Re: Discovery plus?

Yes, you need a Roku per TV.

If you're in the US, then yes you can get Discovery+ on your Roku.

If you're in any other region of the world it depends on whether or not Discovery+ has made it available via a Roku device in your region.  It doesn't matter if it's available on some other device.

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