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Discover+ is this available in uk?

This week I purchased a Roku Premiere box, set up ok but cant find discovery+ anywhere, I was led to believe this was supported as from 4 January. From a Quick search on here it appears some have managed to download and others have had problems, found a post marked as "solution" but that did not work either. Received an email from Discovery+ today which states it does not support Ruko products at this time.

Question is simple, can I receive discovery+ on this device or not? And if so how do I find it.

Getting a bit confused!


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Re: Discover+ is this available in uk?

I see it here:

I'm in the US, though.  I don't know where else it may be or may not be supported.

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Re: Discover+ is this available in uk?

Thanks for your reply, I am in the UK and that link does not show Discovery+ on UK site.

May be it is not available in UK and sales person was wrong? 

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Re: Discovery+ is this available in uk?

I have had another email from discovery+ (copy below) simply service is not available to UK residents at this time with Roku receivers,  the only way to receive via TV in UK appears to be Google Chromecast 2 or above, although it is available on phones, tablets and laptops etc.

Hopefully Discovery+ and Roku can sort this out sometime soon. In the meantime back to the laptop.


James (discovery+)

Hi Drew,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, we don't currently support this device, but it is something that our developers are very much aware of and are working on a solution.

Whilst I don't have a timeline for this release, be sure to keep an eye on social media where we will make our latest platform announcements.

You can see our available devices here:

Sorry I couldn't give you the answer that you were likely hoping for but we are hoping to make our device offering even wider through 2021.

Kind regards,
James/ discovery+ UK

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