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Help & troubleshooting for channels on your Roku device, including adding/removing channels, logging in to, authenticating, or activating a channel, channel-specific playback issues, assistance contacting channel publishers to report issues, and adjusting channel-specific settings.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Authenticating provider for channel


Thanks for the inquiry.

Each channel specifies the term length for their authentication systems inside their channel on the Roku platform. 

However, if you are running into an issue such as described with requiring daily re-authentication, I would recommend:

1.  Removing the channel from the Roku home screen by navigating to the channel tile, pressing the * key, and choosing 'Remove channel'.
2. Then, restart your Roku device from Settings>System>System restart. 
3. Once your device restarts, add the channel back once more from 'Streaming channels' on the home screen. 

If you are still encountering an issue with channel authentication from there, you'll want to follow up directly with the channel provider to report the issue you're encountering and request additional assistance. There are a number of other factors specific to each channel that could potentially cause the type of behavior you're describing which would need to be investigated by the channel provider themselves. 


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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