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Classic Reel does NOT have captioning.

Well, I thought I found a goldmine this afternoon when I found Classic Reel. I looked over their offerings and was astonished to find great films that I hadn't seen in 50 years! It was wonderous - until I signed up on Roku and tried to watch some of them. For a normal person, this site is a wonderful "find" - but, alas, I discovered that none of the films have closed captioning. I am severely hearing impaired, so it is difficult for me to get much out of any programming without the aid of closed captioning. There was no warning from Roku that none of the films were captioned (even ones that I have seen captioned on other venues.) So this is a great disappointment for me. I am going to contact Roku and cancel my subscription to Classic Reel. I'll watch some movies on it for the next month for nostalgia value, but it really doesn't do me much good to have a subscription if I can't understand what the actors are saying. I would be willing to pay more per month is Classic Reel would caption these films - if anybody's listening.   Richard M. Wright

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Re: Classic Reel does NOT have captioning.

The channel owners create their own Roku channel apps, provide them to Roku, and maintain them. They also provide their own channel description information.  The only channels controlled by Roku are their own Roku Channel and Roku Media Player. For other channels, Roku just provides the platform on which they run.  Problems in how a particular channel operates should be directed to that channel.

I agree, the lack of CC would be good information for this channel to include in their channel description.

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