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Channels appearing and disappearing randomly

In the last 10-14 days, 3 different unwanted channels have appeared on my Roku -- #1 5 times, #2 2 times, and #3 once. As soon as I see them I remove them, yet the first two keep reappearing. They were not selected from a screensaver, and after the first 2 spontaneous additions of channel #1 I changed my screensaver, to no avail. Unwanted channels just keep appearing. I might add, I have 2 Rokus on this account, and the appearance of unwanted channels does not always sync between the 2. 

In the same time period, my Plex channel has disappeared twice and had to be re-added and re-activated. 

I'm starting to run out of patience with this. Are there any viable solutions? As I currently have no paid subscription services going through my Roku account, would it be of any value to create a new Roku account and start from scratch? 
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Re: Channels appearing and disappearing randomly

It sounds like maybe someone is using your Roku account or in your wifi without you knowing.. Go to your Roku accounts and look at which devices are authorized to your account.. also, log into your router and under your WAN overview, there's usually a place you can see current wifi connections.. make sure you recognize each device in your network.

To be safe, I'd also change my Roku account password.

Otherwise, there could be someone in your house with access, that's pranking you.
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Re: Channels appearing and disappearing randomly

Keep in mind that if you have multiple Roku devices on one account, they will have the same apps. Removing from one removes from all. Adding to one adds to all.
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