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Channels Won't Stay Alphabetized or In Order

Has anyone had an issue with their channels not staying in order every time their Roku is turned off then back on again?  Every time I move a channel towards the top such as AMC+ or AcornTV, the next time I turn the TV on they are both at the bottom of all the channels.  If I move a channel towards the middle like the Roku Channel it stays put.  It seems to happen only to the non "Roku" channels. In other words, the "AMC+ on The Roku Channel" or the "AcornTV on The Roku Channel" stay at the top and don't move back towards the bottom only the standalone channels do. I have two Roku Ultras, an Express and Express 4K+, no matter which system I'm using they all do this same thing.  A factory reset of each device did not solve the problem either.  I'm thinking it is a Roku software update issue but I don't know for sure. If anyone has any recommendations, I'm open for any suggestions.

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Re: Channels Won't Stay Alphabetized or In Order

I too am having that problem with an Ultra. I have been unable to find any solution.

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Re: Channels Won't Stay Alphabetized or In Order


Describe the issue. Don't use words like "the same" or anything non-specific.

Tell what steps you did (again, not "same" or "all" but the actual steps), what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

Also, provide the model number and software version/build. Settings > System > About

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