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Help & troubleshooting for channels on your Roku device, including adding/removing channels, logging in to, authenticating, or activating a channel, channel-specific playback issues, assistance contacting channel publishers to report issues, and adjusting channel-specific settings.
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Channels Installing on their own

I have all of my different channels on my roku set up the way that I like them. I have 8 channels that I use, and I deleted all the extra that the roku came installed with. At least once a day, I'm having to go through the process of deleting more channels because my TV is installing them on it's own. Today, in particular, I came back to find out I only had 6 channels, only 2 of which I actually use, the other ones were system defaults. Pretty much, it's like the system has some sort of way of auto-managing what channels I have on my TV. Does anyone know a fix to this or has anyone even had this problem before?

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Re: Channels Installing on their own

Do you have more than one Roku linked to your account?  Check at

Is the email address that shows up under Settings->System->About what you expect it to be?

Note that any channels added/removed from one Roku will be added/removed from all devices linked to that account.

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