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Channel activated but media not allowed

For several months, whenever I try to activate a channel, I follow the directions, enter the code, and am forwarded to a page that says activation successful. When I try to watch content on the channel, it says media not allowed. These are channels I have previously used with no problem and had been logged in to. 

Now, I am never prompted or permitted to log in to my cable provider. I choose Cox, then receive the notice that activation was successful (but I haven’t logged in anywhere - how would it know if I have access or not?!). There is no way to log in. This happens for ALL channels now. 

Yes, I have deleted the channels and reinstalled them. Yes, I have reset the Roku. Yes, I have made sure I’m not logged in to my cable provider on other apps. Yes, I have done it all in the order suggested on other posts. 

I don’t see how a channel can be activated if I’m never asked to log in to my cable provider to verify? This is how it used to work with no issues. And now? Nothing. I am blocked from all media on channels I pay for through cable and nothing has resolved this.

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Re: Channel activated but media not allowed


Here's what's going on.

Roku has a single sign on feature. It's their own variant, much like Apple TV's has its own variant.

Some apps utilize Roku's single sign on, meaning if you're logged in on one Roku device on an account, you will be logged in to the same app on all Roku devices on that account.

Also, there are app families. Take NBC/Universal for instance. They have NBC, USA, SyFy, Bravo, E!, and so on. Log in to any one of them, and they'll attempt to log you in on all of the apps in the family. A&E related apps are that way too. A&E, History, Lifetime, etc.

Any or all of those can work together to sign you in without you having to.

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