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Channel Pear and Roku

Why did I get an email from Roku stating that Channel Pear was now available with instructions on how to add the channel, but now the channel has disappeared along with my ability to access developer mode? If Channel Pear is unauthorized, then why send me an email saying I could add the channel then penalize me when I do? So now I have no Channel Pear and no way to access developer mode like I did something wrong. This is so underhanded and foul! If I can’t get Chanel Pear at least restore my ability to access developer mode. This feels like entrapment!

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Level 16

Re: Channel Pear and Roku

The underhanded way of installing a channel using developer mode is being cracked down upon since pretty much every channel that tells you to use that method promotes piracy.  The only reason I can think of to use that method is to sidestep the Roku Terms of Service.   You can add the private version of the channel here:

Don't be too surprised if it disappears.

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