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Certain Prime shows unavailable only on Roku

This is an odd problem. We have been watching a show on Prime for a couple months without issue (Heartland). We were finishing season 4 when suddenly (overnight) the show presents as "unavailable", all new episodes and seasons as well as episodes and seasons we already completed. But this is ONLY on Prime on Roku and no other shows are affected. Just this one. If we start Prime on our tablets or phones we can watch any episodes or seasons we want. But not on Roku. On Roku the show, Heartland, is magically and suddenly unavailable. How do we fix this? The show is available via Tubi but not on Prime ONLY ON ROKU.

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Re: Certain Prime shows unavailable only on Roku

Content within a specific channel is under the sole control of the provider. Roku has nothing to do with that. In this case, Amazon is deciding to restrict programming on Roku devices compared to other brands. They control the content, so they aren't doing anything illegal or unethical.

But I personally don't appreciate providers that offer different content on different devices. While I do have more than one brand of streaming device, it isn't because of this issue. But if I couldn't find something on my Roku I could check my Shield to see if it differs. I personally have never encountered this issue, but I can certainly understand someone being annoyed about it. 

But there is one other possible situation. Amazon licenses the content they provide, other than their original content. It's possible that their license for that program doesn't include that season. It wouldn't be the first time, and won't be the last, where a provider doesn't have all seasons/episodes of a particular show.

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Re: Certain Prime shows unavailable only on Roku

I checked this, and Heartland (all seasons/app eps) plays without issue.

However, it is content provided via IMDb TV with ads, and that may the source of the issue, depending on your location (I'm located in the US).

If you havent already restarted your Roku and checked again, you should do so.

If its still an issue, uninstall Prime, RESTART, and reinstall Prime (in that exact order) and see if that resolves the issue.

Otherwise, you might try downloading the IMDb TV app, and watching via that (tested it there too, though only 9 seasons).

Finally, its also available via NetFlix (in the US), with 13 seasons available.

You should also contact Amazon about this:



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