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someone help me I only see the subtitles in English there is no other way to see it in another language

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@Bonisup wrote:

someone help me I only see the subtitles in English there is no other way to see it in another language

I see several potential issues here.

  1. "Subtitles" vs "Closed captioning" - which one are you referring to?

    Subtitles are part of the video image.  Some programs which were made in one language but later released for viewing where another language is predominant may have subtitles added in a single alternate language.  Subtitles are also frequently used when the soundtrack is in one language, but there is some occasional speech in another language where they want to give you its translation on screen. You can't do anything to change these as they are part of the picture.

    Close captioning (CC) is text that you can optionally have superimposed on the screen.  When it's available, this can be useful for the hearing impaired (like me),  or to translate the dialog from the soundtrack language to another.

  2. Closed captioning relies on the caption text to be embedded in the data stream as received from the channel you are watching.  You can only view languages that have been included in the CC stream.  Some programs will give you a choice of several languages, some will only have one, some will have no CC at all.

  3. Roku's standard interface allows you access the CC controls as one of the options made available by pressing the * button on the remote while viewing a program.  Not all channels chose to use those standard controls but instead some program their own controls into their Roku channel app -- I've always assume this was to preserve uniformity between the versions that channel has for running on different systems.  So, depending on what channel you're watching, you may have to explore a bit to find how to access their CC controls (if any).  Often, pressing the up or down arrows will put some additional controls on the screen that you can select.  If you tell us what channels you need help with, somebody here should have figured out how to access CC controls on that channel.


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