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Cannot go to certain channels

When I click on several channels from the main Roku interface, the screen goes to I guess you call it a splash screen for a couple seconds, but then goes right back to the main menu.

Two examples are Retro Scifi and Cafe Noir, the most desirable, there are others. There are a couple channels that say at the top menu this channel not available, so it seems I should be seeing the above.

Exactly the same thing happens on a Roku 2 I haven't used in years, and a brand new Ultra 4k.

What gives?

PS except for this issue the Rokus are totally trouble free and a joy to use.
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Re: Cannot go to certain channels

Neither of those apps show up in the Channel Store ( Are they private channels? Have you contacted the developers?

My guess is that they are apps that are no longer supported by the developer. The symptoms you're describing are what would happen if that was the case. Of course, if the app is having other issues, you could get that, too. But, based on the apps not being in the Channel Store and the symptoms you describe, my guess, and it's just a guess, is that the apps are gone.
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Re: Cannot go to certain channels

Must have been recent removal from the store. Suddenly there is now an announcement screen on both above that channel is no longer available, go to the store to find similar. All makes sense, sanity restored.
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