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Can’t watch Roku Channel

I have 2 Roku devices. One is pretty old and the other is the brand new Roku Express 4K and neither of them plays a few classic titles on Roku Channel such as Bewitched and The **bleep** Van **bleep** Show. When I click play, as soon as the loading bar appears, the page goes back to the title. I tried other classic titles and they can be played without a problem. 
I really wonder why those two shows won’t load. Such a shame. My husband loves them, but cannot watch. 
Does anyone have the same problem?

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Re: Can’t watch Roku Channel

They both ran fine on an Ultra 4660 and Premiere+ 3921.  Roku did just release a build revision dated May 17 to their OS10 for some devices.  See if doing a manual update and System Restart helps.

Settings...System...System Update...Check Now   (Ultra shows 10.0 build 4198)

then Settings...System...System Restart.

Doing a manual System Update updates both Roku Software/Firmware and also installed Channels so I just do it as a go-to when experiencing Channel issues.

Other thing I would also try is setting my acual TV resolution under Settings...Display Type rather than using Auto to eliminate that as an issue. (Alternatively, if using 1080, try 720 and see if any difference).

I just selected random seasons after S1 Ep1 for both shows for testing for you.  Others may have suggestions for you if they experienced similar problems,


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