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Can’t watch HBO max on Roku device is not registered to yourself.

I just discovered HBO max accounts are exclusive to Roku devices with the same registration credentials.  What does this mean? It means if you have Roku devices registered to different individuals in your home, you won’t have access to the channel unless you set up and pay for a separate HBO max account on the other devices. The only other solution is to update all your Roku devices to the same credentials. 

This also obviously means no accessing your HBO Max channel on other Roku devices, outside your home, or while traveling - hotel, vacation rentals with Roku devices.  You can access the channel on non-Roku devices, like phones, tablets, computers, using the HBO max app.

Personally, I see this as a Roku flaw. One of the great things about Roku is the ability to access your channels on devices outside your home. I’ve never had any issue accessing any other channel on other Rokus until we tried to watch HBO max on a Roku in another room of our home, which was registered to another person.

If anyone has a quick fix for this, aside from aligning Roku credentials, please let me know. I definitely think this needs to change.

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Re: Can’t watch HBO max on Roku device is not registered to yourself.

Are you subscribed to HBO Max through Roku?  If you are paying for a channel through Roku then you will only be able to access the channel through a Roku linked to that account.  The solution is to subscribe directly through the provider.

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Re: Can’t watch HBO max on Roku device is not registered to yourself.

Exactly, we have three roku accounts going in the house, mine, my sisters and her daughters, I pay for the hbo-max and it is on roku's from all three accounts. Because my roku account and hbo-max account use the same email address I never have to sign in, even when turning on new roku to my account, the hbo-max app is already signed in. Unlike my Sister's and Niece's hbo-max app, those I had to enter my email and password, but it works fine. We each have I own profile in the hbo-max app. 

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Re: Can’t watch HBO max on Roku device is not registered to yourself.

We repeatedly tried to enter his Roku email address and password to access his HBO on my Roku.  Even though his profile was on the screen and he appeared to be signed in, as soon as we went to start a program we were asked to provide our TV/cable provider or create a new account. When I called Roku support, I was told you can’t transfer the HBO max channel from one Roku device to another unless they’re registered under the same email address.

Strange thing is, the new HBO account, which was established on my Roku, used his email address but MY Roku credit card which is linked to MY email address because it’s on MY Roku. It should have required my email address. That’s a little concerning.

So even though your sister’s and daughter’s devices are registered to their independent Roku accounts, you were still able to access your HBO max by entering your Roku/HBO max email address and password. And this is all it should take!  As it is with accessing any channel you own on someone else’s Roku device.  The definitive is the email and password for channel, or Roku, depending on how you purchased it.  However, the Roku associate was trying to tell me that you can’t transfer your HBO max account to a device registered to a different email address. I even sent her screenshots of my phone, I even sent her screenshots of my phone, on which I was able to access his HBO max.  Her explanation was that I wasn’t trying to view it on another Roku device. Again, this shouldn’t matter. And according to you, it doesn’t. 

The new HBO max channel that was established on my Roku, also displays both of our profiles, as they’re displayed on his HBO max account. And the account is under his email address, even though they  charged my Roku for a new channel.  Now they did issue a credit for the extra HBO account, after a had to push back. 

So if what they’re telling me is true, and we can’t access his HBO max account using his HBO max and Roku email address and password; then the new and now canceled/credited HBO max channel will cease to exist on my Roku device 3/1/21.

We shall see.


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