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Can’t find AT&T TV App Roku 2 (2720X)

I’m unable to locate the AT&T TV app on an older Roku 2 (2720X). I’ve got it on my newer smart TV’s but it’s nowhere to be found in the Streaming Channels. When I do a search, the only thing that comes up is AT&T WatchTV which isn’t the same. I’ve made sure the software is updated and have restarted my device, but it still can’t find it. The Roku 2 (2720X) is compatible according to the AT&T site. Any ideas?

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Re: Can’t find AT&T TV App Roku 2 (2720X)

I don't have an answer, but an observation. Sure enough, AT&T's Website says it works on that device. That surprises me. Many apps have dropped support for those older devices. 

The fact is, it's up to the app developer to determine what devices to support. It seems like the developers  may have dropped support for those devices but haven't updated the Website. Or, the developers could have screwed up when they sent the last update. Either way, it's on AT&T's end.

Keep in mind that more and more developers are dropping support for those older devices. That Roku 2 model was replaced by the 4210 model in 2015. The 2720 is essentially a Roku 1 (which AT&T lists as supported, also). The 4210 is essentially a Roku 3 and is a more powerful device. I'm not aware of any apps that have dropped support for those devices.

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