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Can't add channels and thinks I am in the UK

I have a TV with Roku built in and a portable Roku.  I can't add Hulu or Disney+ with either and it's just getting to be more frustration than it's worth.  I tried to contact Roku support but once I select my product the web page just sits there and the only option is a back button.  Look, I am trying to use this but I am about to throw the portable Roku in the trash and go to Google ChromeCast or some other solution that works (at a minimum).  My experience with Roku isn't good at all.  I am guessing someone from Roku is monitoring this blog or community and I am hoping for some quick answers while I look for another solution besides Roku.  

I tried changing my location from the UK to the US (Yes I am in the US, no I don't have a VPN, no I am not on a border) and it just won't change.  Why have an option to change if it doesn't work?  It's really sad and funny at the same time.  Maybe consider adding a message as to why it won't change and what needs to be done to change it.  I am guessing you have logs for that?!

I can't add channels to either of two devices.  How messed up can Roku be to get to this point?  Not only will it not add channels but there aren't any reasonable clues as to why.  Netflix is the only channel I have ever been able to add.  

If you work at Roku you must know how to reach me and if you have an answer I would like to hear it please, even if it's just simple curiosity on my part.  Look, this is an entertainment device and it isn't entertaining me.  I am guessing Roku's business model relies on users wanting to use your product as Disney, Apple or any number of companies with way more money will probably eat your business model, in the long run, anyway.  Especially if the experience I am having is happening to more than just me.  

EDIT: I should have mentioned Amazon above.  Their Fire TV Stick 4K bundle with Fire TV Recast (DVR) and an HD Antenna looks like it has more features and I am guessing less frustration.  I guess I can say this:

*the bad is I am trying to watch a football game online and that probably won't happen now thanks to your terrible interface and lack of feedback when things don't work as they should.  I had trouble finding this post again, BTW, so again, WOW.  My suggestion would be to use your own product as find out how frustrating it was for me.  Look maybe I am the only one having these issues?  I don't know and I don't want to hate, I just want to watch TV on Thanksgiving.  After me experience though I am willing to buy the Amazon offering and try it though.

* the good is I found that I need to buy the Amazon solution during the Black Friday sale time!

Sorry I feel like I am really down on Roku but I shouldn't be in this situation.  I need a TV for upstairs and I was going to get the same one I have downstairs but now I am going to see if Amazon has one with FireStick or whatever built in.  I won't be looking for Roku on it anyway, sorry; not sorry (to be honest).

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Roku Employee

Re: Can't add channels and thinks I am in the UK


Thanks for the inquiry.

It sounds like you may have created a Roku account that isn't located in your current region. If a channel isn't appearing in Search, it may indicate that your device is linked to an account that was created in a different region where that channel may not be offered by the channel provider. You'll want to make sure that you are using an internet connection located in the correct region when creating your account. You can check your IP address' reported location by visiting - If you see an issue, you'll need to contact your ISP to help resolve any issue, then create a new Roku account in the correct region. We'd also recommend reaching out to the channel provider directly for more help and information regarding the availability of their service on the Roku platform in your area. They can also assist with any login or troubleshooting questions that you may have. 


Danny R.
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Re: Can't add channels and thinks I am in the UK

I can add channels and everything is working OK, but whenever I go to, it switches me to the sections.
I did the whatismyip and it correctly shows me that I'm in Missouri and thus nowhere near the border. I just want to access the correct news and such. I've had the same ROKU account for at least 5 years.
No rush - just a minor annoyance.

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Re: Can't add channels and thinks I am in the UK

Have you tried a different browser?  I recall having a similar problem and it had something to do with my browser, or blocking cookies, or something else that I can't remember.

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Re: Can't add channels and thinks I am in the UK

Yep! It seems happier now! I dumped my cookies. Thanks!

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