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Level 7

Can no longer go back to the previous video on Roku Youtube

In the most recently updated version of Youtube the on-screen back button is now in the lower right corner of the screen but there is no way to access it.  When you arrow down, you only get a new thread of videos.  The back arrow does not appear where it used to appear. (Previously, it would appear if you would arrow down on the plus pad on the Roku remote and then you could arrow over to the back button to go back to the previously watched video - not the top menu of Roku Youtube.)  Now, it seems the only way to go back is to press the back arrow on the top of the Roku remote.  But, that takes you all the way back to the top menu in Youtube - not just to the previously watched video.

How can we only go back to the previous video in the newest Roku youtube version?  (This new Roku Youtube version is:  web_20200909_00_RC00.)  Thanks.

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Level 7

Re: Can no longer go back to the previous video on Roku Youtube

Yup! Very annoying!!