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CBS THIS MORNING, Subtitles started on it's own

We record the CBS program CBS THIS MORNING. On Monday this week, the recorded program started using subtitles. We do NOT want subtitles. I tried turning it off using the * button. It was already off. I checked several other programs that had been recorded on each of those days. None had subtitles. Yesterday and today, I decided to view the broadcast live at the same time it was being recorded. There were no subtitles on the live version. When choosing "My Stuff" , all my favorite program icons are shown and choosing CBS THIS MORNING using that icon, there are no subtitles. Double checking, I drop down to choose the program from the recorder menu. Again, it is playing with subtitles. Using all menus to search for another way to stop subtitles was useless. CBS THIS MORNING is the only program doing this. 

How can it work right viewing it from the MY STUFF menu and not work right choosing from the DVR menu?

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