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Britbox Constantly buffering. Other channels are fine.

We have Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Acorn and Disney+ along with Britbox. All speeds on our internet are fine...other channels play without buffering at all.  Britbox says it's our speed (no it's not). Any suggestions?

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Re: Britbox Constantly buffering. Other channels are fine.

I have developed a problem with Britbox freezing in place and sometimes starts up on its own but tends to get worse.

I just removed all of the streaming apps that I do not use and I found that I had a beta version of an Xfinity app. I removed that too. I do not rent my modem / Wifi device from them so that may have caused an issue. I have not had much time to see if this removal of about 8 apps including the Xfinity app I mentioned. But Britbox would not play for even 5 minutes today and now I have had QI playing for about 10 minutes with no issue so far. I just fast forwarded through that show as I had seen it already and it went just fine. Before any use of the remote to pause, ff or rewind would tend to cause issues. So far so good.

I suggest you check for any beta apps and remove unused apps. Might have worked for me. I will know in about a week since this issue does not happen all the time.


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Re: Britbox Constantly buffering. Other channels are fine.

That worked for me!  I  had downloaded some interesting looking streaming apps and forgotten them in time.  So, I decluttered my apps and now Britbox works quick and smooth; and, as you said, using the remote while in Britbox now does not disrupt and kick me out.   I thought you were on to something with this advice as i have a seperate Roku in the living room and have not downloaded any streaming apps there for quite some time and Britbox works perfectly and had no problems at all. 

Thank you for you insightful and very helpful, to me, suggestion. 



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Level 7

Re: Britbox Constantly buffering. Other channels are fine.

We recently signed on to BritBox via Roku and we are experiencing constant buffering.  This occurs across two TCL/Roku TVs and a Roku stick . Out wifi download speed is fine and we do not have this issue with Spectrum (App); Netflix, Acorn, Amazon Prime.  We have removed any zombie channel links from our Roku feed, but buffering still occurs. This is unacceptable.

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