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BoxLet Dropbox Viewer

Today I tried to install/activate the BoxLet -- which is billed as being an app that will allow you to look at the contents of you Dropbox. 

But, no matter how I tried or what method I used, my browser(s) kept coming back with the "Not Secure Connection" Warning when it came time to actually register. Since I don't really need this app, I decided to hold-off on registering for now.

Has anyone had similar problems? Have you been able to get more information? 

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Re: BoxLet Dropbox Viewer

I tried to follow your link and I get the same thing.  You can get a little further by replacing the "https" with "http" in the "lastindependent" link that it redirects to.  It will then redirect you to Dropbox where you grant permission to Boxlet.  I managed to get Boxlet linked to my Dropbox account, but then it went back to that broken lastindependent site.  They have some real issues.  I don't know what that last redirect was supposed to do, but I wouldn't enter any private information on a non-HTTPS site.   That's as far as I took it since it looks like the channel costs money to install.  I then just revoked the permission.  The whole process doesn't exactly instill confidence in the developers of Boxlet.  It's possible that they're just using self-signed certificates which browsers will warn you about, but often aren't really a problem.  I didn't look into it that far.

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